NEW FILM! 'Creative Creatures' finally released!

2008-01-24 15:48:48 by Vdub

This is something very different to what i have produced in passed works something very original i think check it out!

NEW FILM! 'Creative Creatures' finally released!


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2008-01-24 16:51:45

Do you have a better quality version?

Vdub responds:

ye im uploading one to youtube


2008-01-24 19:38:40

I think that this got pretty unappreciated in the portal. I was personally impressed by the amount of work you put into it. It has a very interesting concept and the story isnt bad either! I laughed when the kid was 'gaping' at the living room. It was more like he was trying to see how wide his mouth could open XD

It must have been a lot of fun to work on, good job ;D

Vdub responds:

Thanks alot, it was fun some of the time but its pretty stressful trying to work with a class of 5 year old kids.


2008-02-03 19:23:35

kinda good

really, kinda good