2008-04-26 03:52:29 by Vdub

I have been working on a film originally made for 'Youth Week' film competition. It's called Robot Rock and is a bit of a music video and tribute to daft punk's 'digital love'. Unfortunately for the competition it could not be over 2.5 min. and had to be about 'Youth saving and using money effectively and the effect that can have' I had to work this idea in with 80's robot, synthesizers, love, dancing music and daft punk. When i finished animating the film i realized it was about 4.5 min instead of the 2.5 min which it was meant to be. SO i had to cut it down tonnes. I have put the 2.5minute version on youtube. Bear in mind that not only is it way too short and almost doesnt make scence cause its almost impossible to do anything good in 2.5minutes with a story which really need 4.5minutes to be told, but that i never even had time to the finish this version(their are some graphics left out). Here's the link: 8T1Q
I will sooon make a full finished version of the whole 4.5 minute film. I will submit this to Newgrounds. That wont be for a month or 2 though, i hope you can enjoy this shorter version in the mean time.

P.S: my film 'Fine Meats' was screened at the 'Night Of Horror' international horror film festival. I was the youngest in the festival and one of the 2 films from Australia.



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